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Doge's Palace ticket

The Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Square.

Doge’s Palace ticket

A must-see in Venice.

The residence of the Doges. Arriving in Venice by sea, the first thing you see on the water is the Doge’s Palace. This is undoubtedly the city’s most characteristic monument, symbolising its history, politics and culture! Its construction began in the 9th century, at the instigation of Doge Angelo Participazio, who transferred the seat of government here. Destroyed by fire in 976, a new palace was rebuilt in 1340. From then on and for several centuries, the building served as the permanent residence of the doges, the seat of government and the court house.

Doge's Palace ticket

Who are the Doges?

An unfamiliar name if you’re not Italian, the ‘doge’ of Venice was the guardian of the laws and the guarantor of the balance of power. Elected for life by the Venetian aristocracy, his mission was to govern the Republic of Venice. In particular, he commanded the armies and appointed the principal magistrates and representatives of the Church. This status lasted from 697 to 1797, when the regime was defeated by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Doge's Palace ticket

An exceptional façade

Before entering with your Doge’s Palace ticket in hand, take a few minutes to admire the exterior. It’s as elegant as it is stunning, resplendent with Gothic-style loggias and stone lacework. A real architectural feat! The façade is distinguished by its unique design for its time.

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Architecture with multiple colonnades.

The delicacy of the lower part, made up of arcades and a multitude of columns, contrasts with the upper part formed by a solid wall. The stone capitals and medieval sculptures are carefully modelled, depicting knights and signs of the zodiac, among other things. Take a close look at the 9th arcade. It was from here that death sentences were read out and that the Doge came to witness public executions.

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture

A marriage of architectural styles. Your Doge’s Palace ticket will take you inside this unusual building, characterised by its blend of Venetian Gothic and Renaissance architecture. This mix is easily explained by the palace’s history. A series of fires, including two major ones in 976 and 1577, led to successive reconstructions.

Doge's Palace ticket

The building as we know it today is the work of the 14th century. While the Doge’s Palace is a marvel of Gothic art, there are also Renaissance features and Mannerist touches throughout.

A journey through history

A tour route is offered to tourists, but your Doge’s Palace ticket allows you to go at your own pace. You can stroll at your leisure through the various rooms of the monument.

Doge's Palace ticket

Details of the Porta della Carta.

The entrance to the Doge’s Palace is via the Porta della Carta, originally in gold and blue. The top of the Porta della Carta is decorated with the symbol of Venice: the winged lion. Take the Staircase of the Giants into the courtyard where the Doge’s coronation ceremony was held. Explore the sumptuous upper halls of the Doge’s Palace. And don’t forget the ducal flat, accessible via the magnificent Golden Staircase, the Scala d’Oro, all in white and gold, breathtaking in its design and majesty.

A visit back in time to the Doge’s Palace

Exceptional works of art. Your Doge’s Palace ticket will enable you to discover some of the greatest masterpieces of Venetian art. Among the masterpieces, you can admire Paradise, by the painter Tintoretto. This extraordinary work, 24.5 metres long and 9.9 metres high, is on display in the Great Council Chamber. Numerous paintings by the famous Paul Veronese also decorate the walls of the various rooms in the monument.

Doge's Palace ticket

The Grand Council Chamber.

Keep your eyes peeled: the Doge’s Palace is full of treasures and ornaments, from the floor to the ceilings, adorned with frescoes. Your Doge’s Palace ticket also includes a visit to the Palace Museum. Located on the ground floor, it houses the capitals and other architectural remains of the palace. Six rooms house an impressive collection of refined and grandiose sculptures.

Visit the Bridge of Sighs

If you book your Doge’s Palace ticket, you can also visit a number of other sites. These include the Marciana National Library, the Armoury, the Correr Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the famous Bridge of Sighs. This little footbridge, undoubtedly one of the best known in the world, dates back to the 17th century.

bridge of sighs venice

The Bridge of Sighs links the prison to the Palace.

The Bridge of Sighs was built to link the prison to the Doge’s Palace. At the time, the building was used as a courthouse. After the trial, the prisoners would leave the courtyard of the Palace, taking the footbridge to their cells.

Doge's Palace ticket jail

Prison in the Doge’s Palace.

It was given this name because of the sighs that the condemned prisoners would let out when they were distressed. Among the famous inmates was Casanova, the only prisoner to have managed to escape. A visit to the interior of the bridge and part of the prison is included with your Doge’s Palace ticket.

Doge's Palace ticket

Practical information

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Opening times:

Open every day
from 9AM to 7PM.

Last admission at 6PM.



Time required:

Between 2H and 3H.


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Public access:

Access the Doge’s Palace via Porta del Frumento, Piazza San Marco.

By Vaporetto boat:

  L1   St. Vallaresso (at 4 min.)

  L1   St. San Zaccaria (at 5 min)

  L2   St. Giardinetti  (at 3 min)

  4.1  St. San Zaccaria (at 5 min)

  5.1  St. San Zaccaria (at 5 min)

Here’s the Vaporetto map to help you get around Venice.

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San Giorgio Abbey from the Bridge of Sighs.